Mcdonalds Swot Analysis Essay

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McDonalds SWOT Strength
• It ranks very high on the Fortune Magazine 's food service companies
• It has one of the best brand recognition in the world
• It practices community oriented business models.
• It is very socially responsible.
• It is globally operated all over the world.
• It has cultural diversity in the foods that are provided based on location of the restaurant.
• Large part of the of its restaurants are franchised out.
• It operates in excellent locations such as theme parks, airports, Wal-Mart stores, and along most well-traveled roads.
• It has efficient operating guidelines in the assembly line fashion.
• It uses of top quality beef and chicken products.
• It uses of brand name processed items like Kraft cheese, Dannon Yogurt,
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Unique selling proposition
• Fast Service
McDonalds provides very fast service. Food is given within few second.
• Consistent Food Taste and Quality
McDonalds provides consistent quality due to automation and assembly line productions
• Consistent Pricing
McDonalds sells a product in a country at constant prices.
• Quality service
It provides good service to its customers. Sells person and staff are provided training for treating customers in good manner. Place is kept clean. Fresh food is given.
• Innovation
McDonalds constantly innovates new product in the menu for increasing the customers and keeping the customer excited.
• Toys for kids
Since kids like toys and fast food the McDonalds keep providing new kind of toy relating to new cartoons films. It is a very good marketing strategy.
• Home delivery
McDonalds provides home delivery service to their customers
• Adaptation
They adapt their product according to taste and preference and cultural belief of local customers.
• Easily available
McDonalds is easily available because there are outlets all around the world. There are more than 36,000 outlets across 119 countries in the world.
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