Mcdonald's Symbol Of American Culture

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Ray Kroc once said, “I believe in God, family, and McDonald’s. And in the office, that order is reversed.” In 1955, the man who stated this quote opened his first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois which is now the largest fast food chain corporation in America known world wide as McDonald’s. In the quote the founder of Mcdonald 's underlined the stereotypical although true values of the American population and I agree with him and believe the act that exemplifies the most American action should bring together entertainment, family and good food while it has to be rooted in American culture and be possible to perform by anyone, anytime and almost anywhere. I believe that the most American thing you can do is to have a meal at the famous fast food restaurant called McDonald’s. To begin, enjoying a meal from McDonald’s is the symbol of American culture. The fast food industry was one other major forces to shape modern life in the U.S. When asked to think of a word to describe America, majority of citizens as well as immigrants would say the “fast food”. For example,in 2001 a rebel group led by Jose Bove decided to protest the restrictions on trade set by Unites States in France and as a form of protest they destroyed a symbol of United States, a local McDonald 's, which demonstrates that McDonald 's is a representation of American culture and thus eating at this establishment is seen as an American tradition as well as the most American action a tennager can perfrm.

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