Mcdonald's Technological Strategy

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IT and Technological strategies

Throughout the years, McDonalds have managed to improve the services provided to their customers. Some of the credits for this improvement could go to the use of technology in their processes to reduce problems and boost effectiveness. They have included different modes of technology in their systems. One of them being technology assisted service encounter where the cashier has access to the technology used when the customer places an order face to face in store.

In terms of technology facilitated service encounter, they have recently adopted the self-service kiosk for their customers to order through as an alternative where both the customer and staff can see and have access to the same technology which
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One of the essential trainings that new employees have to go through to introduce them to the business of McDonald would be the welcome meeting where attendance is compulsory. This is where the employees would learn about their job roles, food, hygiene, safety training, policies and procedures, administration, benefits and training and development. McDonalds uses mainly ‘on-the-job’ training and classroom based training sessions to effectively instil the necessary knowledge and skills in the staff.

In other countries, a ‘Hamburger university’ of McDonalds even exists to cater to their staff that is working especially in the kitchen to ensure that they are properly trained to produce the company’s food. From what is being researched, they placed a high importance in training the managers in charge which is called the quality management programs where the management development curriculum take new recruits from trainee manager to be restaurant managers. There are in total four areas in the program which are shift management, systems management, restaurant leadership and business
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One would be the traditional method where they will line up and order at the counter and the other would be to order from the self-service machine. The new self-service system was implemented to cut down on the physical length of the queue lining up for the counter as well as to promote the new customization of ‘create your burger’ in the restaurant. In general there are no waiters that are moving around in the restaurant, however, with the introduction of ‘create your burger’ McDonalds has started a practice where they would send over the customers’ who ordered the ‘CYB’ meal to their table itself so they would not need to stand around waiting for their

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