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McDonald’s company Introduction Mc Donald’s was started in 1940 by brothers Maurice and Richord McDonald. Their early aim is to fine theme the operations of fast food. The creator of fast food concept which is McDonald is “White Castle”. After that, Mc Donald’s company was taking over by Ray Kroc in 1955 with a global mindset. Now, Mc Donald’s company is one of the famous fast food in the world. Kroc had a much more aggressive business strategy to get more profit and also successful business in the world. With globalization as a top priority their typical business strategy needed to be changed. McDonalds Technology Strategy Mc Donald’s is one of the famous franchise fast food in the world. Mc Donald’s Fast Food Restaurant has applied Just in…show more content…
For example, its breakfast menu, salads, Chicken McNuggets, and the McLean Deluxe sandwich were all the examples of how the company tried to appeals to a wider range of consumers. The perceived secret of McDonald’s success is the willingness to innovate. Typically, many ideas for new menu items come from franchisees responding to customer demand. Filet-o-Fish, Drive-Thrus and Playlands were all products or concepts developed by franchisees. Another strategy McDonalds used in product marketing is tries a few concepts simultaneous in different parts of country. For example, McDonald’s offer ‘Halal’ food in Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Bangladesh. McDonald’s menu is based on five main ingredients which by beef, chicken, bread, potatoes and milk. Their main products are hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, and beverages. In addition, they serve a variety of breakfast items and desserts. McDonald’s has thousands of restaurants around the world but it can standardize menus and operating procedures in these restaurants to insure consistency throughout. 2. Placement…show more content…
McDonald’s original plan was to operate a successful burger restaurant which delivered consistently good food at low price. From there, after Ray Kroc took over the scope was more along the lines of serving people around the world consistently good food at low prices. There are many operational managing tactics which have brought the company to where it is today. From that, McDonald’s focuses on quality, service, cleanliness and value. One important aspect of their operations management plan is maintaining quality management and food within their restaurants all the way to up their offices. Maintaining a well trained staff to serve a high amount of customers per day is critical to having a good reputation. This can become difficult when the staff may feel underpaid for what they do. However, they are sure to treat the staff to free or discounted meals, benefits, and free uniforms. Keeping the employees happy to work and dedicated ensures good customer

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