Mcdonald's: The SWOT Analysis Of Mcdonalds

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Strengths: McDonald’s is the largest fast food restaurant chain, its sales are 8% higher than any other fast food restaurants. It serves around 68 million customers per day in over 119 countries across 35 000 stores. For this reason it has been given the name of the largest fast food market share in the world, which means the brand is well known this gives the company edge over other similar company’s like Burger King. The brand is valued at 40 million dollars which is huge compared to Burger King which are only valued at 28 million dollars. The brand has become so popular because McDonald’s clever use of Ronald McDonald Clown to promote their products which became such a hit with young children and young adults. A Ronald McDonald statue can…show more content…
This just show how well established McDonald’s have become over the last 37 years in Ireland. A huge strength for McDonalds would be how they operate in many diverse cultures and have the ability to adapt to local tastes for example in the US you would find supersize meals whereas this would not be found in Europe, because it wouldn’t suit the culture. McDonalds is a huge franchising business more than 80% of restaurants is owned by independent franchisees. This is good for McDonalds because they still have a say in how the business is run and how the restaurants should operate on a daily basis. This gives McDonalds more time to focus on more important matters like its marketing campaign which is very important to any business. McDonalds has huge upper hand on competitors because they have partnerships with the best brands such as: Coca cola and many more. A huge strength for McDonalds would be their advertising section. They have a budget off $2 billion set aside every year this is more than most fast food restaurants chains…show more content…
The reason this would help McDonalds increase its sales is because the demand for healthier food is growing every day because people are becoming more aware of what they are putting in their bodies. By introducing a healthy menu this will reverse its weakness into a strength which is beneficial for McDonalds in the future. McDonalds plan on opening a restaurant that is only vegetarian in India, if it is a success they will open more around the world. McDonalds is a fast food restaurant and has a drive thru which many people use however I feel if they offered a home delivery it would increase their sales because it would be easier for customers to receive the product. McDonalds redesigned their logo and restaurant in 2006 and introduced new practices in some restaurants which created a higher average market growth. I feel McDonald should finishing remodelling all their restaurants because it has been proving it
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