Mcdonald's Total Quality Management Case Study

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McDonald has implemented the Total Quality Management successfully by involving the 4 significant elements which are employee involvement, focus on customer, benchmarking, and continuous improvement. McDonald also has involving others management techniques when implementing Total Quality Management such as Six Sigma, continuous improvement, quality circles and reduced cycle time. Employee Involvement Employees of McDonald must work on time, dressed neatly and cleanly. Their hands must always be washed to remain clean and ensure that their customers receive safe food constantly. In order to make their customer always receives exceptional quality and services, workers must follow certain Standard Operational Procedures. Moreover, employees must have a nice teamwork with each other to get…show more content…
In 2007, McDonald has updated to their suppliers with Supplier Quality Management System that including food safety. Defect: McDonald will do its best to deliver the desired food products to the customers` homes if it receives any complaints from them who fail to get what they want as management would also like to keep the companies from contaminated. Process Capability: McDonald has developed the drive-thru system to facilitate its customers without having come down from vehicle when they are purchasing. It also provides a home delivery service. Variation: McDonald has designed its menu as a variety of choices for their customers and McDonald will introduce specific menu to customers in each month. Stable Operation: In order to enhance its customers` willingness to consume in its restaurants, McDonald's management has increased its operations from year to year with the introduction of new foods and

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