Mcduffie Riots Research Paper

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McDuffie Riots The Biggest Riot In Dade County History After Arthur McDuffie was beaten to death by white Miami Dade County police officers, a series of riots broke out in Dade county, causing expensive damage and creating more racial tension. This riot placed 4th in America 's biggest riots, and had property damage of $181,000,000 . Miami 's Liberty City was filled with smoldering flames while people looted businesses. 18 people died, and more than $100,000,000 worth of property was destroyed. The McDuffie Riots were more violent than what happened in Baltimore and Ferguson both race riots in 2015, but there are lots of similarities.the McDuffie riots started May 17 and ended May 19 (Smiley). 18 were killed and 350 were injured (Smiley).…show more content…
The McDuffie riots had a huge impact on the black community of Miami, The city of Miami, and The national government. Actions previously taken and their impact today. “The actions of the rioters were that they looted and burned down white owned stores.” (Floyd). “The riots would get tear gas and burn down stores and all you could smell is tear gas and smoke.” (Floyd). “They burned down white own tire company that burned on for days and nights, and all you could see was smoke from it all the way in uptown Miami.” (Floyd). “The actions that the National guard did was arrest the rioters.” (Donnie). The Impact it had on the rioters was that the national guard and police arrested 600 people during the riot. “When President Jim Carey came into town when he was on the middle of the speech the rioters were about to start a riot and harm the president”(Donnie). These events made the Blacks realize we are hurting our comment and need to stop. All of those events lead up to the city realizing what damage they did to the community. During the time when Arthur McDuffie was beat to his death by Dade county police officers, an event of riots broke out in Dade county, these deadly events created very bad damage to the black community and caused more racial conflict in the community. In the future of the topic there would still be police brutality and killings of blacks by law enforcements. As you can see the incident that happened in Baltimore recently. The people of Miami would still have a grudge with the law enforcement for this event in
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