Mckenzie-Grace Book Report

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McKenzie-Grace or Kenzie as her friends and family call her is a far from normal 13 year old girl. Her life was turned upside down on 2/17/16 the night the accident happened. She got a call at 6:21 pm from officer Sam he said “ Hello is this McKenzie-Grace” when she replied “Yes officer” he stated “There has been an accident and your mother has passed away in a car accident and will not be home this evening”. That is when Mckenzie-Grace hung up the phone and broke into tears.
Kenzie had to handle her mother 's death maturely for her father started drinking. Her father became abusive towards Kenzie and was never home to help her through this rough time. Even though he knew Kenzie was close to her mother. Altho Kenzie did have one person there
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