Jay R. Galbraith's Model And Organizational Development

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According to preliminary research and problem identification, a literature review is needed to support the research. The literature review focuses on organizational model and organization development. 2.1 Organizational Model Organizational model, that also called as organizational structure, defines an organization through its framework, that includes lines of authority, communications, duties, and resource allocations. A model is influenced by the organization’s goals and is there as the guideline in which processes operate and business is done and the ideal model of an organization depends on the nature of the organization and the challenges that organization faces. Organizational model also can be considered as the perspective for individuals see their organization and its environment (Jacobides, 2007). Two example of organizational model that used in this research are The McKinsey 7S Model and Jay R. Galbraith’s The Star Model, both will be explained below: 2.1.1 The McKinsey 7-S Model…show more content…
Hard Ss elements are easier to identify and management can directly influence them, while soft Ss elements can be more difficult to be define, less tangible, and more influenced by

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