Mckinsey Summary

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The Mckinsey article I choose was “It’s good to be the Queen . . . but it’s easier being the King” written by Adam Galinsky and Maurice Schweitzer. This article focused on gender differences in the work place. These gender differences include the difference in salary and growth potential women have against men. I felt this article paired well with the case “Leadership in Law: Amy Schulman at DLA Piper” which was focused on Amy Shulman one of the highest paid female attorney’s in the United States. Women tend to make only 77% of their male counterparts in similar positions. The article shows the possible reasons behind why women typically make less than men on average. The information the article used is from the book “Women Don’t Ask” by Carnegie Mellon’s Linda Babcock. The book surveyed MBA…show more content…
Schulman became the highest paid lawyer at DLA Piper in her time working there. Although the case study never specifically talks about Schulman’s salary negotiations I find it hard to believe this happened without Schulman negotiating her raises and asking for more. I think this reinforces the idea that a leader must be assertive in getting what they need. In the case Schulman talks about how to be a successful as a woman, one of the things she stresses is the need for women to transgressive in their professional careers. This fits perfect with the information stated in the article that although women may be viewed negative for asserting their desire for a higher salary it is necessary to get the salary the desire. Schulman goes on to say that this is necessary to achieve as a women because of the social difference in the upbringing of men and women. These differences according to Schulman are that women are brought u in a feminine upbringing which qualities tend to differ from the qualities necessary for a successful professional
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