Mcmurphy's Lobotomy And Personality

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McMurphy’s whole demeanor and personality diminished after receiving the lobotomy operation. His fellow patients exclaim that the man wheeled in on the gurney looks like McMurphy but it cannot possibly be him because he is not acting the same: “’But they can’t do that look. There’s nothin’ in the face. Just like one of those store dummies, ain’t htat right, Scanlon?’” (Kesey 277-78). This line, spoken by Bromden, highlights the severe effects that the lobotomy had on McMurphy. Comparing him to a dummy helps the reader visualize the loss of spirit in McMurphy. Everything he stood for disappeared. His lobotomy, a procedure that severs the frontal lobe of the brain, erased McMurphy altogether leaving only a body behind. This is why the other patients
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