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“Always do your very best!” This is the theme that inspired Colin Powell throughout his life. He was influenced in a variety of ways, which led him to become the man we currently know. He learned to live this mantra from his parents, in his beginning job, and in his school. His parents were hard workers. In lines 14-16 in It Worked for Me it says “I worked hard, a habit I got from my Jamaican immigrant parents.” They came with nothing and worked to get what they needed. His parents influenced how he worked by getting up really early to work multiple jobs and getting home really late. Through their example, Colin became a harder worker. He realized that in order to be successful you needed to earn and work for things. Colin was also inspired to work hard by Jay Sickser, the man who hired him at his shop,Sicksers. When Colin was hired at Sickser’s, he started working hard to make some money. He started off by unloading trucks. Jay cared for Colin. He knew he was a good worker but a better person. In lines 9-10 in It Worked for Me it says,…show more content…
He got caught mostly every time. When he would go to school, he would slack off and not try very hard, but when he did try he would do good. That encouraged him to push towards his goals. He didn’t want to go to college, but his parents were expecting him to. He had a lot of respect for his parents, so he went. He went to college for engineering. He found that it was too hard, so he decided to go into Geology because he thought it would be easy. Colin didn’t push himself very hard and his average was a C. He gained interest in the military for the Pershing Rifles, that 's when he joined the ROTC. Working hard there made him a hard worker and that 's how he started a career in the military. As you can see, Colin was influenced in many ways. He learned to live his mantra “Always do your very best!” from his parents, his beginning job, and his
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