Class Environment In Schools

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Education has always been an important tool that everyone seeks to better their lives in the future. Many see positive effects of schooling, one of which, students become more educated than they previously were. Education has an environment where students are encouraged to be tutored, socially interactive, and express extracurricular activities. Though many schools do have these aspects, these are not the only things that make up schools. One of which that many forget that crucially affect students is the class environment.
Class environment is where students and teachers can communicate on a specific lesson so that students become more knowledgeable of that topic. Usually the two types of teaching methods that happen in class are banking and problem-posing. The banking method is where the teacher is superior to the students in such that the students do not interact with the teacher, but instead record what the teacher says. After recording the information on paper, they then memorize every information given to them by the teacher or on the board. In addition, students are not taught to critically think about the information since they are just copying and pasting. Ironically, students are depositing information and withdrawing them when needed, like a bank, hence, the banking method. In
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While going to school, he realizes that the class he took was rough, not material wise, but professor wise. His professor abused her power on the students at the point where they despised her. Everyday he, along with every student, would at least get verbally abused by the professor saying things like, “I really, really hate you” towards them. Though Sedaris did not enjoy that part of class, he enjoyed learning some French even though his professor was not the best at teaching. Sedaris obviously uses his experience to describe his educational
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