Me Talk Pretty One Day Sedaris

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After re-reading, "Me Talk Pretty One Day" I have identified the same goal. Sedaris’ goal is still to show the difficulties experienced in class due to the harsh environment set by the teacher. Sedaris clearly focuses on how difficult the teacher is to deal with. He points out how she liked to tear every misspoken word apart and make you feel ashamed of your efforts. Throughout the class, he is humiliated, which in turn, makes him study harder. I have found an additional key point after actively reading the article. I found it was clear that Sedaris is using his writing to inform his audience of the harsh reality of taking a class in which you feel prepared but are not. He found himself thrown into a tailspin once he came to the realization that he most definitely was not prepared.…show more content…
If the audience can 't relate to my writing, they will not understand my intended purpose. I will need to be sure to use facts from the article to support the ideas I present. Also, showing how age isn 't a factor while taking a class may pose a challenge. I would like my audience to understand that whether you are fresh out of high school or going back to school after 20 years, the same obstacles are in the way. No matter your age, it’s still a difficult feeling to think you are prepared to start a class and realize things are much harder than expected. When I 'm finished with my essay I intend for my audience to understand that taking classes at any age is difficult. A student is a student and peer support is important to get through the day to day struggles associated with tough classes and/or teachers. It 's alright to take comfort in not feeling alone when coping with issues you come across. Communicating with fellow classmates regardless of age, race, or religion can help you cope with these difficulties. Everyone shares similar concerns regarding a hard class, or in this case, relentless
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