Mead Hall Beowulf Analysis

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The Mead Hall

The mead hall in Beowulf represented fellowship. It was a place where all of the Danes could

come together and socialize and drink. The mead hall is where everyone would go to celebrate.

In the hall Hrothgar would separate the young from the old also all of the things that they have

accomplished. The mead hall came up many times in the book. The first time the hall came up in

Beowulf is when Grendel went snooping. “Grendel went up to Heorot, wondering what the

warriors would do in that hall when their drinking was done (page 27 chapter 2).” Grendel killed

about 30 people that night just because he wanted to. He hated how happy people were. He hated

happiness. All of the laughter and celebration is what gave Grendel the motive to attack. There is
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She also stole her sons arm from the hall. Grendel’s mother also took

Hrothgar’s friend and killed him. After Beowulf found this out he was ready to go to war with

her. Beowulf tracks down Grendel’s mother and they go to war. This was a tough battle.

Beowulf found a sword on the wall and took it and struck her in the neck cutting deeply and

killing her. “Then he saw, hanging on the wall, a heavy sword.” “And desperate, lifted it high

over his head and struck with all the strength he had left, caught her in the neck and cut it

through, broke bones and all (page 72 chapter 23).” When Beowulf returns to the hall he

presents Grendel’s had and the hilt to the sword that he used to kill Grendel’s mother. Hrothgar

then again praises Beowulf for his braveness and his willingness to stand up for his people.

Those were some significant moments in the mead hall. The modern day equivalent for a mead

hall is like a community town hall center. The building could be used for many things. Just to

talk and meet with friends, celebrations, or just somewhere you can go to have a couple of drinks

with friends. A community town hall is a place where it would be full of joy and
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