Mead Vs Saxon

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1. In your own words, summarize the core of each writer 's argument. The article by Rebecca Mead argues that the statistical advantage of a degree has declined, but that an intangible value remains. The article by Ken Saxon focuses on the intangible value of a degree and how it helps student determine who they are and what job they want. 2. What is the key issue for each writer? How does each frame the issue? How has the genre of each article shaped its argument? The key issue in Mead’s article is the value of a college degree. The issue is framed in a statistical discussion of the financial value of a college degree, and why they may be relevant to society regardless. The genre of Mead’s article is newspaper editorial, and this clearly influenced the article’s length. This also seems to have influenced the style, leading from problem to strong emotional statements Saxon’s article possesses a key…show more content…
Mead quotes a source stating this is evidence of the lack of value, whereas Saxon interprets this as evidence of college helping the student to find their direction in life. 4. Where do the writers disagree over values, assumptions, or analogies? The authors seem to have different assumptions on the value of a general degree. Saxon assumes it may provide a general set of abilities employers value. Mead assumes it only provides an unquantifiable advantage to a student’s life. Both authors compare a potential student to Steve Jobs who dropped out of college, but they disagree over the meaning of this analogy. Mead uses Steve Jobs as an example of how an individual can succeed without college. Saxon uses Steve Jobs as an example of someone who used college as an opportunity to broaden his horizons rather than prepare for a job. 5. What questions would you like to ask each writer? Where do you see gaps, fuzziness, or confusion in the
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