Can Money Buy Me Happiness

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What makes you happy? Some people say food. Some may say music. Others just prefer the ability to breathe. There has been one question on the minds of people all over the world: Can money buy you happiness? Well, that is what I’m here to discuss. Obviously, there are two sides to that story. Many agree, and many disagree. I will go into the details of both sides, however, let me first say which side I support. I agree with both sides, however, my opinion lies more towards money can’t buy you happiness. There are many reasons to this, and that is what I am going to talk about here. So stay tuned, you may want to pay attention to this—it may even change your answer to this question. When you buy a Happy Meal, you get happy. When you buy new…show more content…
Why, you may ask? Well, for the first part, when one gets a hold of a plethora of money, then they leave all of their friends behind, believing that they are better than them. Then, however, the “friends” that they may think that they have formed after gaining the money, are fake, and only want to be their friends because of their money, or would never talk to the person with the newly acquired money in the first place. Overall, money brings you a lot of misfortune in life, so much so that you may want to end your life completely. Another example is from an article from titled “Winning the Lottery: Does it Guarantee Happiness?” It describes a woman who won her state lottery with a winning of five million dollars. After taxes were taken out of the money, she thought that all of her worries were over. However, they were definitely not. After saving most of the money, her family wanted control; she got marriage proposals, threats, and promises over the phone. She now does not even know if her students are safe in their home anymore due to this “fortunate” event. Sadly, this is not the only instance of bad fortune happening to someone who is supposed to have good fortune. There are many, many more, and they are all just as bad, or even
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