Meal Plan Analysis: Psychology Sample Response

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MEAL Plan Analysis: Psychology Sample Response The MEAL plan is a tool designed to help writers create a well-written and critical paper as each letter represents a concept intended to improve the organization, professionalism, and clarity of the paper. MEAL stands for main idea (M), evidence (E), analysis (A), and link (L). The main idea introduces the paragraph, evidence provides the support for the main idea, analysis develops the evidentiary support, and link provides the transitions from the current paragraph to the next paragraph. The purpose of this assignment is to use the MEAL as a tool to analyze the psychology sample response in Unit 3 as a means to measure students ' understanding and critical thinking skills. Psychology Sample Response Analysis Critical thinking is more than just understanding concepts and terminology, but also the ability to apply and express those concepts in writing, speech, and living. MEAL is the writer 's tool to create a well organized and concise paper. Unit 3 's psychology sample response asks the student to answer the following four main points: changes brought by humanistic psychology; influences on psychologists understanding of human behavior; how humanistic psychologists ' ask questions and conduct research; and how behaviorists and humanistic psychologists ' methods differs (Evaluating a discussion response-Psychology, 2018). If the student applied the MEAL plan to their writing, than the discuss response would

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