Meal Replacement Shake Research Paper

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Meal Replacement Shakes Versus Protein Shakes It is easy to get confused when you are in the store, looking at what kind of shake you need to help you with your fitness goals. Are meal replacement shakes the same thing as a protein shake? No, they are not. Simplistically, a meal replacement shake is for those who are looking to lose weight. A protein shake is meant for those looking to gain muscle. There are similarities between the two but each are formulated with different goals in mind. Protein There is usually a big difference between the amount of grams of protein per serving between protein shakes and meal replacement shakes. The average protein shake has about 25 grams of protein when an average meal replacement shake only has 10. Protein shakes marketed towards body builder can have up to 40 grams per serving. While protein is necessary for those losing weight, the extra protein has amino acids which help to build muscles. Calories Meal replacement shakes are intended to be used to replace a meal. They are usually higher in calorie content because of this. Protein shakes are intended to be used along with regular meals or in-between meals so there are less calories in the average serving. While in a weight loss program, the shakes are used to help cut calories by…show more content…
Evaluate your diet of what you are currently consuming and read the labels of the shakes. There is no point taking a shake that does not do what you are expecting. Not all shakes, both meal replacement and protein shakes, are not created equal. Read the labels and look at reviews before using your hard earned money on something that may not work for you. Adding a shake, either as a replacement meal or one to augment your diet and enhance your workout, can be very beneficial to your personal fitness and body
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