Meals On Wheels Case Study

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Meals on Wheels Pine Rivers and District Incorporated Social Media Guidelines. Our employer is well known in the community and all of us are very passionate about what we do on a daily basis. At Meals on Wheels we believe in open communication and encourage you to tell the world about your work, and whether you participate in a blog, wiki, online social network or any other form of online publishing or discussion is completely up to you. However, these new ways of communication are changing the way we talk to each other, our consumers, target audiences and partners. In order to avoid any problems or misunderstandings, we have come up with a few guidelines to provide helpful and practical advice for you when operating on the internet as an identifiable employee of Meals on Wheels. • Please familiarize yourself with and follow the Meals on Wheels Code of Conduct and Policy Manuals •…show more content…
Only very few people in this company are official spokespersons for Meals on Wheels or its brands, so if you are not one of them you must make clear that you are speaking for yourself and not for Meals on Wheels. You can use a disclaimer like “The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the position, strategy or opinions of Meals on Wheels”. Please always write in the first person and don 't use your company email address for private communications. Please consider that even anonymous postings on Wikipedia can be traced back to yourself, and consequently the

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