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Memo: Date: November 6, 2017 To: Sally Frost, Director of Buffalo Senior Center, Meals on Wheels From: April Root, Meals on Wheels Volunteer Coordinator
Subject: The purpose of my research is to find universal vehicles just for delivering meals to the individuals who can’t get out of their respective homes and won’t be able to have some healthy meals without the meal being specifically brought to them.
Having a set specific vehicle tailored just for delivering meals would eliminate the issues of having sanitary and health codes violations while keeping local, state, and federal government standards in place.
Delivering hot meals during lunchtime is sometimes chaotic and if your vehicle isn’t up to par it could become a major healthcare problem. Clean, efficient and an all ready to use would be a great asset to this community and to the recipients who receive the meals.
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Interview Dr. Gerry Chase, Johnson County School District 1 Superintendent
Dr. Chase would be the perfect candidate to talk to about purchasing lot vehicles or help with the buying of new /(used) vehicles at a fraction of the price. Also, he would be aware of, of other options I could consider. As he runs the school district his expertise is vital with budget costs.
Task 2. Research Non-profit guidelines to ensure that I am correctly following all types of protocol while also maintaining correct ethical
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