Mean Girls Chapter Summaries

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Most girls want to be pretty, popular, smart. The three girls take on the Hamptons for the first time as Au Pairs. They don’t know what they gotten them selves into until they arrive. They all are searching for love, truth, and identity this summer.

Jacqui is on the search for her lover this summer. Back home in Brazil she met a tourist named Luca. She spent a few weeks with him and quickly fell in love. Ever since he left Brazil she has been heartbroken and on the search for her lover. When she accepts the au pair job she starts her search for Luca right away. On her first night her and Eliza get invited to a club and they go. “What the HELL are you doing here?”(De la Cruz 75) says Luca. Jacqui ends up finding Luca on her first night and they go back to his house. She I thrilled she has finally found her love, but she notices that he is not the same boy she met in Brazil. He turns out he is just another rich boy on daddy’s trust fund and Jacqui ends up trying to move on from her first true love.

Eliza is searching for truth. Her dad recently lost his job and her family quickly lost everything. Before Eliza was on the A list for everything. They moved to northern New York. She told people she was off at a boarding school and was too embarrassed to even tell her boyfriend the truth. Her dad is a friend of Mr. Perry and he offers Eliza a job
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Mara is from a small town and hasn’t seen anything nearly fancy as the Hamptons. When she arrives she doesn’t know what to even do. She indemnity realizes she doesn’t fit in with the rest of the girls. “Ah , not rich. Working girl, eh?”(De la Cruz 22). Mara came to the Hamptons and didn’t really realize her image until she arrived. She meets this rich boy named Ryan and quickly gets feelings for him. He helps her image by parties and going out and eventually Mara gets her name out there. Just like anyone moving to a new place they don’t really find themselves until later

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