Mean Girls Film Analysis

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The movie Mean Girls show exactly how mean high school girls can be. There are three main girls in this movie. Cady heron who get mixed in with the popular crowd, Janis Ian who used to be friends with her nemesis Regina George. All the girls struggle with wanting to be the best in the school and later learn that that is not what high school is all about. Cady Heron was a 16-year-old girl who was homeschooled. She spent twelve years of her life in Africa. Cady’s junior year her family and her had to move back to the United States. Within Cady’s first week of high school she started hanging out with the Plastics. The plastics are well known threw out the school, they basically think they control the whole school they only look out for them self, and they will ruin anyone who steps in their way. When Cady began to hang out with them she turning into a plastic. She started to only care about her self…show more content…
Regina is Queen B of the school, so she thinks. When Regina lets Cady hang out with the plastics everything changed for Regina and school started to like Cady more. Regina was not going to let that fly. Regina get angry because that year she wasn’t the only one getting nominated for Spring Fling Queen Cady got nominated as well. Regina wanted to get revenge. The plastics created this book where they write rumors about other girls in the school. Regina decided to write nasty things about herself in the burn book. She made copies of the burn book and put them around school so everyone could see. The only Girls that weren’t in the burn book were Cady and the others plastics. Regina made it were it looked like the other plastics wrote it. When the burn book got released it caused so much commotion in the school. The Book pitted everyone aginsed each other and everyone wanted to know who wrote it. Nobody ever finds out that Regina was to blame. Regina learned to treat people the way you want to be
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