Mean Girls Gender Stereotypes

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Women who work full-time make only seventy-seven cents for every dollar a man who works full-time makes. This difference is known as the, ‘gender wage-gap.’ Due to this gap, full-time women employees are presented with less money and job opportunities. The stereotype behind all of this is that, ‘women aren’t worth as much as men.’ This stereotype is entirely outdated and insulting. The stereotype that women aren’t worth as much as men, is false. Currently, more women attend college than men, are just as qualified to work the same jobs as men and can perform the same tasks any man can. Yet, the stereotype still cues how women are raised, how women’s roles within a family are framed, how women are viewed at the workplace, how much women get paid and how women are treated in general. Although the stereotype still carries derogatory effects, we continue to see it frequently displayed or discussed within the media through television shows and movies. Television shows such as Modern Family and The Newsroom, represent their women characters as less than the men. In the movie, Mean Girls, the women characters are represented as being less indulged in their education. For…show more content…
This stereotype influences how women are raised, which influences later decisions in women’s lives. This stereotype infers that women should pursue ‘simpler’ jobs or not work at all. In the article, “Gender Discrimination Is at the Heart of the Wage-Gap,” by Anthony P. Carnevale and Nicole Smith, these aspects are discussed. They say, “Young girls and young women do not make choices about what to study and where to work in a vacuum. They make them under the influences of peers, family members, and adults who tell them, through words and actions, the subjects, majors and careers that are acceptable for them to choose. These decisions inevitable influences their later decisions on careers”(Carnevale and

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