Mean Girls Movie Review

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Mean Girls
The movie Mean Girls has become a worldwide phenomenon in the past ten years. With A-list celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams this movie skyrocketed to fame quickly, and is now seen as one of the favorites in this generation. At first look a person would think that this film is just another chick flick, but there is so much more to this than pretty girls and cat fights. With characters like Cady Heron, the easily impressionable new girl from Africa, and Regina George, the popular girl that runs the school, this movie is a prime example of the social aspects of an adolescent’s life and the changes that can take place during this time. Adolescence is a time where every young person is trying to understand life around them, and the movie Mean Girls is a great look into the many different stages that a person goes through. This essay will go over social norms, identity crisis, moral development and
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Her first day progresses and shows how Cady doesn’t know where and how she is supposed to fit into the big bad world of high school. Since she had lived in a secluded part of Africa and had never been to any type of public school, Cady does not know what normal behavior is for an American teenager. “Social norms are expectations about how to behave in a particular social context- whether a culture, a subculture, or an everyday setting.” (Sigelman and Rider) Most people, either consciously or unconsciously, knows what is expected and what is seen as the appropriate behavior in social settings. Since Cady had never been in any type of social settings around teenagers, she had no perception of how to act in this new environment. Because of her unfamiliarity in this new place, it caused Cady to latch onto the one of the first groups to show any interest in her, which then caused numerous
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