Mean Girls Movie Review Paper

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(Namie & Namie, 2015)
As shown majority of the reasons why a target was selected was due to the fear that they were more skilled at their job than the bully. The bully used the aggressive measure to gain control and demoralize the target until they seem incompetent at their job. Most often those who shift from showing moments of incivility to becoming bullies are shifting the burden of their problems onto someone else. This action allows the bully to gain control when they feel that their own life is out of control. Misery loves company, the bully takes enjoyment of seeing another as miserable as they are. Even Florence Nightingale was going through her own medical crisis while she was advancing the nursing profession. After the Crimean
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Young, Florence Nightingale’s Fever, Nightingale illness was documented by symptoms chronologically
• 1856-7 -Insomnia, anorexia, nausea at the sight of food, anemia, and nervousness; also depression, which lasted for much of the subsequent 25
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The Plastics, the dominating clique of the high school, consisted of a measly three teenaged girls who ruled the entire school or so they thought. They themselves where very insecure and believed that to maintain the upper hand they must maintain secrets or bargaining tools on the other students in what Regina called her Burn Book. Eventually Cady finds herself becoming like Regina while trying to gain the attention of Aaron, Regina’s boyfriend and breaking them up. The Plastics targeted new students to implement their culture and beliefs to continue their society. Cady Heron was a new-to-school student. She had spent 12 years in Africa and was homeschooled her entire life until she moved to the states. Cady was a blank canvas that the Plastics were able to mold into their perfect person. The new inductee, Cady Heron, must follow the rules or she is no longer accepted into the group. The clique rules are ritualistic and only have significance to those immersed in the clique culture. Although she did not completely agree with Regina and her ways, Cady utilized the tools that Regina taught her against her and formed her own form of a clique, making Regina the
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