Mean Girls Movie Summary

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Movie Summary: In the movie Mean Girls, Cady Heron is experiencing her first year in school despite being 16 because her parents are research zoologists and homeschooled all her life since they were in Africa on an assignment. Consequently, she had very little contact with people her age let alone western culture and was not aware of the dealings of high school or adolescence in general. As can be expected it was hard for her to adjust to this new life where adults don’t trust her and she is restricted by unfamiliar rules. She feels lonely until she becomes friends with Janis and Damian, who guide her and teach her about all the cliques in the school. But these aren’t the only people that Cady meets; “The plastics”, the school’s most infamous…show more content…
The students were chosen so that they were representative of the Western German population and they were asked questions that would reflect each child’s participation in a group of friend or how satisfied they were with their accomplishments. To measure subjective approval rating they asked the children about how they think their classmates feel about them while objective peer approval was determined by how many of your peers would nominate you as someone that they liked or that is highly respected the number of times someone’s name was nominated or how far away they were in the chain of being nominated compared to the people that get nominated the more than everyone else. On the other hand, 35 year olds were asked about how much they feel lonely vs part of a group, how many friends they have and if they in a…show more content…
For example, at one point when trying to sabotage Regina, Cady takes advantage of teenagers’ need to fit in and be part of a group. Cady tricked Gretchen into thinking that she had received a candy cane gram from Regina when she actually sent it to herself. Once Gretchen thought that Regina didn’t like her she spiraled out of control because she was so worried about being kicked out of the group. Additionally, in the movie everyone seems to be star struck by Regina George, this is evident in the beginning of the movie when they interview many people of different cliques in the school and they all seem to think that Regina is some kind of goddess. Even the principal seems to know what is going on in Regina’s life as he even gives a detailed account of when and where got back together with her ex-boyfriend. The students speculate outrageous things about her life like that she “does car commercials in Japan” or that “her hair is insured for $10,000”. Everyone in the school wants to be of the “popular” crowd or at least be relevant. In turn Regina and the other plastics obsess over everything in their lives to maintain their elite status among their peers. For instance, one of their daily activities is to stand in front of a mirror and talk about what they feel is wrong with their bodies. “The Plastics” constantly go on crazy
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