Mean Girls Myths

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High school is just one of those times in life that will forever be remembered. Before attending, many will hear horror stories of "Mean Girls", cliques, "freshman Friday", raging parties and the infamous awkward school or prom photo The following are 5 myths about high school and what it is really like. 1. "Mean Girls" There is a big fear upon entering high school that there will be a clique of mean girls who bully and prey on incoming freshman. This is short of reality, as many students in high school are excited to see fresh new faces, or simply do not care. No need to worry if you 'll encounter your own Regina George when joining high school. 2. Cliques Although there may seem an array of the typical jocks, cheerleaders, nerds etc.,…show more content…
the thought of receiving your first (and hopefully only) swirly or being jammed into a tiny locker has plagued the minds of incoming freshman for generations. In today 's society, educational institutions have a zero tolerance policy for bullying of any kind and if you are to be bullied in any way, make sure to report it right away to administration. There is very little to worry as many high schoolers are very inviting and nice to incoming freshman because they all have been there. 4. 'Project X ' Parties We 've all seen the never-ending teen movies in which the goal of a group of friends is to have the most epic party ever. Yes, you may hear a buzz about a party or two throughout the year, but many students in high school do not party like the kids in movies. It is best to spend your free time by doing things that all teens do such as going to the movies, laser tag or go-kart racing ! 5. "Say Cheese!" It goes to say that everyone wants to look snazzy in their prom or senior portrait. The getting all dressed up with dresses and suits, hair appointments, perfectly manicured nails and those stunning pair of heels will always leave a high schooler giddy with excitement to show off how good they look. To make the big night even more perfect would be to capture these memories by having your picture taken by us. Don 't hesitate to check out our website to see examples of the beautiful work we do and to maybe even draw inspiration for your upcoming
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