Mean Girls Psychology

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Mean Girls The Mean Girls is a movie created in the year 2004 about a girl who is named Cady, who has been homeschooled. She finally goes to regular school however, all the high schoolers are divided into different groups based on their personality and appearances. Some of the many groups that they are divided into are the following: plastics, cool Asians, math athletes, varsity jocks, desperate wannabe's, and nerd Asians. After watching the movie and observing how the different groups of students interact with each other I can hypothesis that they were all insecure at least once throughout the movie, lack of feminism and they feel that backstabbing will solve all problems. Firstly, insecurity is defined as “uncertainty or anxiety about…show more content…
All the girls backfired at each other, calling each other mean slurs like sl*ts and h*res. The plastics created a “burn” book that consisted of photos of girls they disliked and they wrote insults under them. Cady herself was pressured to join the Plastics and contributed to the “burn” book. Everyone at the school had something against one another especially the girls. They never recognized that the differences between us are what makes each and every one unique. Finally, they were all brainwashed to think that backstabbing one another resolves the conflict. Back stabbing is defined as “the action of criticizing someone in a treacherous manner despite pretending friendship with them.”This is one of the main conflicts that arose between the groups and within the groups themselves. Everyone talked behind each others back this caused many friendships to collapse into dust. A prime example of backstabbing took place between the plastics and Cady’s friend's, Cady and her friends sabotaged Regina and spoke mean things about her. Overall this movie leads me to hypothesize that everyone tries to fit in however when the problems get worse people realize and try to do the right thing. After all, we're all humans and no one is
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