Mean Girls Stereotypes

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Throughout high school, I noticed a strange behavior among teenaged students; they tend to form groups. During lunchtime, these groups or cliques are more prevalent; you can see the freshman guys sitting with each other, the football players, the cheerleaders, the senior “nerds”, the international students and the outcasts (aka that was me), the people who sat alone or the people that you would not find at the cafeteria tables. These cliques are not only common at my high school where I used to attend but also widespread around other schools across the country. Whatever clique you are a part of, that clique defines your reputation throughout high school. In the movie, Mean Girls, cliques play an important role throughout the movie. Janis, one…show more content…
One of the characters in the movie who did not have to face this is Kevin Gnapoor. Kevin Gnapoor attends North Shore high school and is the captain of the mathletes. He is one of the most forthright and straightforward characters throughout this movie. His most famous quote in the movie is “don't let the haters stop you from doing your thang” describes his fearlessness when it comes to people judging him. Although he is Indian American and is part of the math club, he dispels common stereotypes about mathletes and Indian Americans in general due to his frank behavior. He displays this when he raps at the Winter Talent show and calls himself “Bad-Ass M.C”. The significance of Kevin Gnapoor is although he is part of the mathletes, he does not fully one hundred percent represent the typical stereotype of a studious Indian especially when he raps (a predominant African American art form). Instead, his personality throughout the film is more complex which allows him to branch out to people like Janis and consequently at the end start a relationship with. The lack of stereotypes against male students pursuing mathematics allows Kevin Gnapoor to be confident as the captain of athletes which is why he doesn't change for anyone whereas girls like Cady Heron did to fit the ideal image of an attractive female
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