Mean Girls Video Analysis

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The documentary talks about the numerous ways throughout time in which women are mistreated in society. It seems as though as time progresses women become more of sexual objects than human beings. Certain people in society assume it is acceptable to demean or devalue women and to think of women as second class citizens that exist to tend to their needs. This documentary depicts the deriding ways the media and society see and treat women. Throughout the documentary, many philosophers discuss the impact the media has on young children. Girls are taught from adolescents that they only possess feminine qualities; compassion, sensitivity, empathy, dependency, and powerlessness. While boys are taught to be masculine; strong, aggressive, and to suppress any “feminine” qualities. Unfortunately, these qualities that are deemed as feminine are qualities that are not supposed to be gender-specific, since these are qualities all humans possess. Furthermore, women and girls are taught that female empowerment is achievable through sexualizing themselves. Also, many teenage girls believe that if they emulate their role models appearance and attitude that they will be…show more content…
Men should see women as their equals and of capable abilities instead of sexual beings that serve them. However, because of the way media portrays women it has become increasingly more difficult for men to not sexualize women and demean them, and although the media does play a huge role in the demoralizing depiction of women, women are also contributing to the way man view them by overly sexualizing themselves. The only way men will fully be able to give women the proper respect they deserve is if women stop covering their full potential to demand more in society. Women must demand to be treated with more respect and not to be seen as sexual objects, but also, as equals with
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