Communication: The Meaning And Definition Of Communication

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The term ‘communication’ is originated from the Latin word ‘communicare’ which refers to ‘sharing’. Indeed, communication is the process in which ideas and feelings are shared. On the other hand, we can say that ‘communication’ means ‘exchange of ideas’ between two poles or parties. There are three main components (sender, message and receiver) which carry out communication process with the final result of feedback. Besides, skilful communication is the mode of conversational operation which fulfils all requirements and achieves its goal illustriously. It, broadly divided into two categories − oral and written, is much significant in the technocratic globalization because we have been passing through commercial and technical revolution. Skilful…show more content…
Thus, the literal meaning of the word is 'giving or sharing ' which refers to exchange of ideas, information, knowledge, thoughts and feelings between two or more than two persons. In nutshell, communication is the process of transferring ideas or information from one person to another or from one place to another place. Shorter Oxford English Dictionary defines the term 'communication ' as 'the transmission or exchange of information, feeling, motion, and news etc. '2 On the other hand, 'communication ' is nothing but a shared possession or common participation. In addition, some scholars state that the term 'communication ' has its origin from the Latin word 'communis ' which indicates 'common '. Indeed an establishment of 'commonness ' is originated between two poles or parties when the function of communication is carried out. It is the basis or groundwork to the human race. The following definitions will give us a clear idea what communication…show more content…
It is a way of reaching others with facts, ideas, thoughts, and values.” – Keith Davis "Communication is any behaviour that results in an exchange of meaning." – The American Management Association
A deep analysis of these definitions leads us to the conclusion that skilful communication assists both social and technocratic people to understand one another better. It brings them closer and supports to build relationships which fulfil their psychological, emotional and technical requirements for getting work done. Besides it is right to argue that there is a recommended requirement to share, participate, illustrate and to be an active member of the technocratic globalization for the betterment of the human race and pace.

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