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Over the years, many words go through transition in its usage and meaning. At present, different words signify various implications and connotations which more often than not cause misunderstanding. As the society develops, individuals cope with the advances of language through education. English, as a universal language appeal differently to people. Many of the new words added to the consistently developing vocabulary are recently created from scratch, and often have little or no etymological pedigree. Based these various reasons, the word dope has taken on many meanings over the years ranging from gravy, to drugs, to stupid, and the most recent definition being cool or excellent. As the recurring cycle shapes the word and reevaluate…show more content…
According to Oxford English Dictionary, Dope was first used to mean a thick liquid prepared out of opium for smoking in the late 19th century and became to mean any sort of addictive, opium-based drug which are mainly marijuana and heroine. Also, dope is someone who is a simpleton. In American slang, it is described being a silly or stupid person. A perfect example of this usage happen in the famous Disney movie Snow White in 1937 where one of the seven dwarves had the name Dopey remarking on his slow foolishness. During the period this definition was becoming less evident, a new meaning of dope was created. Since drugs seem to make individuals foolish and silly it appears to fit extremely well. It served and still serves as a slang description of a nickname of any drug but more commonly heroin and marijuana. Recently, it has begun to include the use of any sort of athletic performance-enhancing drug in an athletic competition. An example of this can be seen with the Lance Armstrong blood doping scandal after winning the Tour de…show more content…
Dope made the leap from noun to descriptive word and, more importantly, from negative connotation to positive implication. Despite of being a part of the used domain, it is on a positive note as long as it is connected with uprightness and productive intentions. Individuals ought to have the sensibility with regard to conversing with other individuals so they can abstain from harming others with what they say and coming to signify excellence in vocabulary of the emerging pop culture. The process by which dope as a signifier developed throughout the years. People, from different parts of the world should now entertained the notion of dope as cool and excellent. This modernized way of using and understanding dope manifests the changes in language and people’s mindset as a way to cope with english as a universal language. Because of this, we should entertain the liberal interpretation of the word dope. We should also understand that social rank, race, nationality and age are some of the factors that can affect the way people look at some terms. This should not be a barrier between people but unifier to further understand that english as a universal language presupposes a person’s responsibility to one

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