Meaning And Related Concept Of Local Government

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2.3.1. Meaning and Related Concept of Local Government
Different scholars have been defined local government in various ways. It may refer to different meanings depending upon the purpose in view. Among the various definitions the following are related to this study. According to the Black’s law dictionary, local government is defined as,
‘’The government of a particular locality, such as a city, or a country, a governing body at a lower level than the state government. The term includes a school district, fire district, transportation authority and any other special-purpose district or authority also termed municipal government.’’
On the other hand, local government is also defined in the local government Handbook as a ‘Government at the local level exercised through representative councils established by law to exercise specific powers within defined areas. These powers should give council substantial control over local affairs as well as the staff and institutional and financial powers to initiate and direct the provision of services and to determine and implement projects so as to complement the activities of the state and federal government in their areas, and to ensure, through devolution of functions to these councils and through the active participation of the people and their traditional institutions, and local initiatives and response to local needs and conditions are maximized”. The above definition is deeply rooted and has agreed with the United Nations
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