Meaning In Camus Myth Of Sisyphus

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In this week’s summaries the topic of the purpose of life is brought up for discussion. Each essay gives a different view on the meaning of life. All three essays bring up different views on what the meaning is in one’s life or what makes a life worth living. Susan Wolf said “Someone who is actively engaged may also live a meaningless life, if the objects of her involvement are utterly worthless.” (798 Wolf). Wolf goes on to explain that even if an individual is doing a job that has an impact on the society the person has no meaning in their life. If an individual is not engaged with their job it gives them no reason to live. Taylor talks about how living things get into a cycle and at the end of the cycle there has been nothing accomplished. Taylor explains “The one point to their existence having now been fulfilled.…show more content…
Taylor brings up the idea that Sisyphus has an obsession with rolling stones. Taylor explains if Sisyphus does in fact have an obsession than “Sisyphus has been reconciled to it, and indeed more, he has been led to embrace it. Not, however by reason or persuasion, but by nothing more rational than the potency of a new substance in his veins.” (Taylor 790). Taylor is making the point that in fact Sisyphus could be living a meaningful life because rolling stones bring joy to him. Wolf believes the contrary that Sisyphus is not in fact living a meaningful life. Wolf says this about meaningful life’s “A meaningful life must involve projects of worth.” (Wolf 797) This issue is important enough for them to disagree on because of the argument comes down to what makes somebody’s life meaningful. Taylor believes that whatever makes somebody happy brings meaning in their life. Contrary Wolf believes “that a meaningful life must involve “projects of worth.” (Wolf
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