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You may define a hero as someone with supernatural capabilities. Superman is a hero; he can fly, see through walls, and lift things with ease. You may define a hero as someone strong in your family that works as a firefighter or a police officer. The dictionary definition of a hero would be a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). A hero to me has two meanings. To me, a hero is someone who gives everything they have to assure the happiness of others and a hero is also someone who gives up his life or her life so someone else could live.
In all honesty, a hero isn’t really what we think a “hero” is based on definitions and what the movies or even comic books have told us. Anyone can be
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Either it be physically or emotionally. The hero in your life may be someone who you love and trust and know will always be there for you in a time of need. A hero supports you, and assures you safety. The American heroes, or our soldiers, are great examples. They fight for not only our freedom, but for freedom and protection for their loved ones. Nothing is selfish about a soldier. That’s another great definition for a hero; non-selfish. If a hero was selfish, they wouldn’t risk everything they have for someone else. Everything about a hero takes guts. “To me, true American Exceptionalism consists of voluntary acts of charity, embracing the freedom to do your life’s purpose, and experiencing the growth and resilience that comes from making mistakes along the way.” (Phillips) What soldiers do for everyone is an act of love in itself, even if it may be for their own benefit; they are here for our country and saving others, willingly.
In everyday life we see heroes, not just those in uniform, but the people who blend into the background. We see them all the time, but do not give them any thought, and we take them for granted more often than not. These heroes can be the ones who donate to charity around Christmas time so a child can eat. The people who go underground every day as a coal miner to keep everyone’s lights on, are heroes. Sometimes, we cannot all be Superman, but we were made for a purpose. If a person was born to do one thing and they give everything they can to accomplish that purpose, then they are a

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