Meaning Of Bob Marley's Song 'Wavin Flag'

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“Wavin’ Flag” Music, the language of the world, is the main source of happiness amongst most people worldwide. With no importance to your religion, skin color, sexual preference, or ethnicity music gets all of us up to celebrate. Music can heal bad times, cheer us up when sad, and bring us all together as humankind. A song can be interpreted in numerous ways, and can have a double meaning. The best way, in my opinion, to campaign important issues of the world is through music. Many musicians, across the globe, use their god given talents to bring change to the world. K’naan Warsame, a Somali-born singer from Canada, does just this. K’naan uses his gift for poetry to show the world the horrific problems of Somalia, and to inspire those that are going through…show more content…
Citing the popular Bob Marley song, K’naan tells the listener to keep moving. That even in hardship and conflict, one must keep their head up. It’s surprising a song that speaks of the dark issues of the world can be so beautiful, as well as exciting to listen to. I believe K’naan used this technique on purpose—to turn the negative to positive. The song ends with the chorus, one last time reminding the listener of his peaceful message. In conclusion, not only does this song carry a heavy message, which everyone should educate themselves on, but is a track that everyone can vibe with. It’s beautiful that a song which speaks of the horrid problems of Somalia can be so relatable to everyone. We all go through personal problems, whether its poverty, abuse, heartbreak, or oppression. Regardless of the language you speak, your ethnicity, or how much suffering you’ve been through, we can all dance and rejoice to this song. The beauty of music brings us together as one, and we should all take K’naan’s message to

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