Meaning Of Colonialism In Africa

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Colonialism is the term which originated from the Latin word which means colonus meaning farmer. This is a practice of domination, which includes the over-take of power from one person to another. Colonialism involves economic and political control over a certain territory. According to Longman ‘’colonialism ‘’ is when a powerful country rules a powerless country and beings its own society and trade force in that territory. Example in the 1400s to 1800, European countries started to notice the coastal regions of Africa, they later begin to engage in commerce with the local people in Africa. In the early 1700s the relationship between the two continents increased which was mainly caused the slave trade between the two. In 1798 the British finally establish a colony to freed slaves in Sierra Leone. 30 years later, a group of Americans and Europeans brought Christianity to African. The missionaries were very impressed by various elements in Africa and this resulted in the over power of African people. European countries raced to colonize as much as African nations as possible. Neo-colonialism this is the term used to refer continuing domination of former colonies using certain elements such as extra political power and commercial. It operates through applications of the military legislative power and mostly important also though economic. In generally it can be said it’s the ongoing process of the economic mode of colonialism after the colonize territory has achieved its

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