Meaning Of Dub Poetry

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Dub poetry is defined to be the spoken word with the blend of the rhythmic sounds of reggae music, which influenced by African traditions. This poetic strategy is defined by 3 main parts the spoken word, performance and the powerful interpretation the poem creates towards the audience. Dub poetry when it comes to lyrics becomes a creole which is defined as a stable language that incorporates African roots with westernized wording and structure to be used as a political stance that gave the immigrant minority the ability to show the reality of police brutality, racism and inequality. According to (Solé, 2008) , dub poetry becomes an element that determines a person’s true character, cultural awareness and bring about a sense of belonging. What makes performance poetry unique is the use of music while the spoken piece was shared. The poem is written phonetically to highlight the poets accent making his poem authentic to who he is with the use of his dialect which was interpreted as a rebellion to conforming to English literature as it breaks down every syllable of every word and the words are purposely spelt incorrectly (Morrison, 2012). His inspiration to become a DJ inspires him to add the blend of live rhythmic sounds of reggae music which was performed behind the scenes to add effect to the spoken word. Powerful interpretation comes from visual interaction with the audience and the spoken words is able to trigger or evoke an emotional connection through constant

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