Meaning Of Globalization

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Globalization is the process by which “people across large distances become connected in more and different ways” (GLOBAL READER). The spread or advancement of these processes involves a deepening of shared experiences, and the unity of countries through the worldly concept of connectedness, and globalized linkage that globalization creates. As many activities become more similar worldwide, certain elements devalue the essence of diversity; presumably, displacing original norms and customs; ultimately, enabling people to fall distance from their basis, and become more common. Globalization is also the driving force of market expansion. Global expansion allows nearly no limits in a capitalist economy for countries that are developed with stimulated economies; on the contrary, it is bound to create a division of inequality amongst countries that struggle to advance their economies. Globalization is often seen as an advancement for Western dominance (Global reader), whereas others view the concept as a contribution to the global exchange (GLOBAL READER). Anthropologists explore the layers and dimensions in order to grip the complexity of the concept of globalization. By unraveling the meaning of globalization, anthropologists can, examine the contrasting perspectives, explain the effects of spatiality of globalization, and analyze how established customs are affected by worldly shared experience.
As stated, Globalization refers to processes that integrates countries across
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