Meaning Of Guidance

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Meaning of Guidance
Guidance is a process of helping an individual to gain knowledge and skills to adjust to the environment at every stage of their lives starting from the birth of a child and continues till his/her death. This knowledge and skills helps individual realize his /her full potential by making ethical decision in different situation either in education or relationships to reach their goal and plan for a successful future. Teachers, advisors, tutors, deans and parents guidance are the institution can help individual develop his or her maximum potentials through lifelong learning situations.
Meaning of Counseling
Counseling is the service offered by the professional counselor to assist the individual who is undergoing a problem
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For example, Carla’s problem has been identified to improve Carla’s behavior in the classroom. Carla’s behavior changes from aggressive to non-aggressive by correcting the source of his weaknesses to improve his educational standard by the help of guidance and counseling. Also help Carla to identify himself as a good person and not a bad person, help teachers and school personal understand the needs and problems of Carla, so in this case somewhere somehow, Carla’s behavior is going to change. After guiding and counseling Carla, his attitude automatically…show more content…
According to the definition of guidance and counseling, it helps individual acquire knowledge and skills to become a better person in future. “List of functions in the school setting include individual analysis, counseling service, information service, planning, placement and follow-up service, orientation service, consulting service, evaluation service and referral service” [Olugbenga David Ojo, (2006) pg 46 – 47]. Individual analysis helps individual express himself/herself openly, counselor will easily get the root cause and the solution to the problem which will make the individual better know and understand self. Through individual analysis, counselor will make the students become aware of his/her identities and develop rationale decision making capabilities. Counseling services links the counselor to the client. Client will try their very best to dig deeply to facilitate self- development and self-understanding to avoid fears and confuse ideas. Information service, when counselor collects data from different areas to provide it to the client so that he/she can make informed decision out of their situations. Planning services will enable the client to plan for their future. Follow-up service, after guiding and counseling the client, this function will show the progress of the client. Refer to the case study, Kale manage to improve his attitude
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