Meanings Of Happiness

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In defining the meaning of happiness, the article, ‘Happiness,’ is divided into five different topic areas, these are, The Meanings of Happiness, Theories of Happiness, The Science of Happiness, Importance of Happiness, and the Pursuit and Promotion of Happiness. Each of the different topics takes to define different views on happiness, and its value to the life of a human. It is through this continued inquiry on how happiness affects the life of different individuals that the article completely delineates subject that is happiness. “ Summary of The Meanings of Happiness” The meaning of happiness is a philosophical question that comes to be an issue of debate. Philosophers have described it as well-being or flourishing. While this is not…show more content…
Under this theory, happiness is defined as an experience and not an amalgamation of different events in one’s life. It is a pleasant emotion. The mood of an individual in this category is a significant influence on their degree of happiness. The emotional state view looks at the involvement if emotional moods as the primary indicator of happiness (Haybron 2011). Other psychological and physical factors do not affect how the individual perceived happiness. The article then describes hybrid theories where different institutions are the basis for finding happiness. These are life satisfaction, pleasure, and emotional well…show more content…
The pursuit of happiness is defined as an individual and collective activity. Given that philosophers defined happiness as an issue that precedes morality in life, it is important that an individual consistently seek to exude happiness. For this reason, the use of drugs as a substitute and means of being happy is a flawed and often completely misguided of what it means to be happy (Haybron, 2011). It is important that virtue motivate the motivation of personal happiness. Exuding empathy, kindness and gratitude are some of the approaches that are likely to realize collective personal happiness. The author also discusses some of the mistakes that one might make in pursuit of their happiness. The author also discusses some of the mistakes that one might make in their pursuit of happiness (Haybron, 2011). For instance, one out not to consistently seek to be happy but rather focus on making others happy through their deeds. In this manner, a person is in a better position, realizing a full and satisfactory
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