Meaning Of Life In Coates's Between The World And Me

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Among the numerous books that celebrate the importance of being black and their heritage, Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Between the World and Me remains paramount. As a poetic and exquisite piece of writing dedicated to his son, this story recounts Coates’s experience of living inside a black body in America. Countless moments within his life have built up to become an endless number of morals and lessons about the meaning of life. Utilizing ideas from other poets and from the influential people surrounding him, Coates is able to bring to life the true meaning of inhabiting a black body. His experience with writing blog posts for The Atlantic only propelled his career to reach this new height as a writer whose message is understood. Despite the obstacles put in place by society and culture, there is always a justification for living and breathing. His narratives occur in a bundle of places ranging from Paris to New York and even Prince George’s County. As Coates journeys through the history of his experiences at Howard University he explores the sentiments of love and the importance of learning and acquiring knowledge.…show more content…
From his first time realizing how prejudice the world can be to the moment when he finally realized the importance of being a father, Coates rummages through his life experiences while pulling out as many lessons as possible. One by one the world slowly starts to come into focus and the ‘Dreamers’ of the world demolish all hopes of Coates feeling safe and secure within his own skin. These ‘Dreamers’ are often referred to, and they represent the white majority in America that hold prejudice towards others. The extremely general reference to a diverse and large group of people prove to be the one downfall in this novel. But despite this occurrence Coates is able to eloquently describe his life experiences all while the reader subconsciously grasps the meaning of
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