Meaning Of Love In Christopher Nolan's Interstellar

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MEANING OF LOVE IN INTERSTELLAR - ASHA KIRAN KALLURI Christopher Nolan's Interstellar is all about love and trust. In this movie, "love" is uttered in the same breath as science. The film is about finding another home for the humanity. All through this movie, "love" appeared as the main impetus, the most capable and the one most important. Each moment in this movie is driven by love. Granddad's love for his grandkids, the kids' adoration for their dad, father's love for his youngsters, Amelia's love for Edmund, Dr. Mann's self-esteem and each snippet of Interstellar is chosen by love. Cooper gets into an argument with the educators at the school supporting his children. The exchange here demonstrates the trust of cooper in his kids. Cooper says, “You’re gonna be great at it” [00:17:57] to his son when he said…show more content…
As from theological point of view, this idea resonates with the Christian faith which has always held that love is the key to the universe. According to Christianity, God is love. God creates humanity to love him and love one another and when humanity fails to love as we were designed to, God doesn't give up on humanity and look for a new planet to love [1]. Throughout the movie, there is this battle between love and hatred, selflessness and selfishness, and how every act incited by hatred and selfishness leads humanity that closer to extinction, while every act incited by love and selflessness brings humanity closer to salvation. All the movie was about love being more effective than whatever else. It was the love towards his children that makes up the mind of Cooper to pilot the spacecraft (may be selfish here!) and it's love that made the black hole give up its destructive ways and help our Cooper send messages to Murph, instead of letting him die as a result of

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