Meaning Of Love In Romeo And Juliet By William Shakespeare

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During Elizabethan times,famous plays had various characters with different insights on the meaning of love.these characters had multiple traits, but were focused on the physical aspects and financial benefits instead of true intimacy. Shakespeare 's works of literature give readers an insight about how love was during the era. William Shakespeare gives his characters complex and unique personalities. In the play Romeo and Juliet williams shakespeare’s main male protagonist, romeo is characterized as being beauty oriented, impulsive, and bring romantic. First of all Romeo is a very self driven beauty-oriented person, for example,when romeo first sees Juliet, he states, ”did my heart love till now forswear it,sight/for one ne’er saw true beauty…show more content…
Second of all Romeo demonstrates the characteristics that make him seem impulsive. For example, this can be easily seen is when Romeo kills Tybalt. This indicates Romeo was not being reasonable. Secondly Romeo was being impulsive when Mercutio was accidently killed by Tybalt the consequence from that was Romeo reacting by assassinating Tybalt in result Romeo got banished from Verona.To add when romeo kills paris he says”either thou,i,or both must go with him”. This shows Romeo was being very impulsive because he wouldn’t explain why he was there. Also when romeo was talking to Paris he was being very hostile towards him. Overall everybody can agree that romeo was being impulsive and impetuous. One of Romeo’s most interesting traits is being romantic, this can be seen when Romeo says”...Juliet is the sun”.In other words this shows that Romeo really does love Juliet for various reasons especially her looks. For instance this connoted that Romeo is very passionate and loving.another example is when romeo asked friar to “This i pray.../that thou consent to marry us today” this quote is important because it proves that he really does love juliet.this implies that romeo is actually very romantic and passionate.With all this shown it implies that romeo is very devoted for
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