Meaning Of Rene Descartes

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Rene Descartes is quoted in Latin proposition denoted as “Cogito ergo sum,” which can be translated to mean I think, therefore I am. In the context, the speaker indicates that there is a need to attain a foundation of knowledge to understand the objects that exist in the world. Apparently, he states that his beliefs often deceive him and this creates a cloud of doubt. In fact, he states that he has been deceived before by his own certainty and he proposes that individuals should evaluate to their experiences about this issue. For instance, he states that he may be dreaming of an existing god yet this could be an illusion of a deceitful demon or he may be insane to have such a preposterous thinking (Descartes, Kennington and Frank, 14). Ideally, these meditation keeps him in a state of mind where he says that the world may not be real and it is a notion that people create to fit their thoughts. For instance, he states that he believes that there is no realistic thin in the world including the sky, minds and bodies, and this follows that people have to be convinced about the existence of an object so that they can have a created perception. Importantly, he states that there is a supreme being that ensures the people create an understanding of the environment such that they trust that the entities they encounter exist (Shaari, 195). Thus, this paper defines the significance of the statement and how this can be evaluated as the foundation of philosophy.
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