Meaning Of Silence In Timothy Steele's Epitaph

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I liked “Epitaph” by Timothy Steele. My paraphrase is this: Here is Sir Tact, a careful talker whose silence isn’t valued but seen as normal. Timothy Steele’s “Epitaph” is short, yet has a lot of meaning. The speaker alludes to the famous saying, “Silence is golden.” Golden is the most valued color, especially in matters like contests; this implies that silence is the best. Instead of describing Sir Tact’s silence as golden, it is “just yellow” (2). This contrast in specialness even though they are similar colors tells how the man was seen by others. Since Sir Tact was careful with talking with others, the color yellow describes how him being silent was common. He probably wasn’t seen as a talkative person, so silence wouldn’t be as treasured
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