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What is the meaning of technology? Technology word consist of two words, Techno which means art and industry, second word is Logia which means science. The definition of technology is a process gives a way to think, solve problems, and specific style to lead into the desired result. Technology is a way it is not a result. In another word, technology is a process contains knowledge and science to provide good results for the community. The process touches human life in several ways, it is a tool that people control and change it into something to get from it the benefit. Technology fields is education and learning, electronic commerce, and the field of health and medicine. Technology has become most important part in human life which it is developed rapidly, the…show more content…
Technology does make person feel alone, this could not be true, technology have made distances close between people. Transportation, social media, and more all of these has made the way easier to communicate to avoid being alone. People has taken the transportation such as car, airplane, train, and bike to be more active and not feel lonely. Although children, teenagers, and adults using social media and communicate programs such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Skype to communicate and make life more social, also these programs gives the ability to make a new friends which lead to do not be alone. With technology person can connect with other people while in work or in other place Michael Gonchar (2013) Does Technology Make Us More Alone? Second, technology keep the person attached with the world. World has been change more over the time which the way of travel also change, in the past people travel at the old ways but, nowadays there is many modern transportation useful to travel and spend time avoiding lionesses. In addition, social media has make the world smaller by knowing the world news through

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