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Name Instructor Course Date Christmas The Christmas festival is a period of intense and stunning sensory stimulation; spiced cooking aromas, bright fires, bright colors, evergreen scents, happy music, blinking lights, and blinking lights. The festival’s intense sensory stimulus aligns to the increased sense of spiritual commitment, communal bonding, and gift giving and receiving. Christmas festival is central to the American culture, affecting the habits that inform the people’s societal character and consumption ideology. The festive is a cultural occasion celebrated by individuals and the society; being spiritual and crass, happy and sad, selfish and altruistic, deification of Mammon, ingenuous and cynical, and celebration of God. Christmas is a global festival that signifies `birth of Jesus Christ '. Christmas is a cultural event that is signified by appearances of Snowman and Santa Clause with his deer globally, even in tropical countries. The event is signified by costumes, songs, narration, Christmas television cartoons, and Christmas trees. The meaning of Christmas in the American culture has been redefined, commercialized and re-interpreted with use of secular and religious symbols being. The Christmas festival is a cultural event which is signified by a rich combination of sacred and secular symbols and Christmas gift giving. The secular symbols for the Christmas festive are; the Christmas tree, holly wreath, mistletoe, Santa Claus, the poinsettia; hearths,

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