Christmas Festival Essay

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The Christmas festival is a period of intense and stunning sensory stimulation; spiced cooking aromas, bright fires, bright colors, evergreen scents, happy music, blinking lights, and blinking lights. The festival’s intense sensory stimulus aligns to the increased sense of spiritual commitment, communal bonding, and gift giving and receiving. Christmas festival is central to the American culture, affecting the habits that inform the people’s societal character and consumption ideology. The festive is a cultural occasion celebrated by individuals and the society; being spiritual and crass, happy and sad, selfish and altruistic, deification of Mammon, ingenuous and cynical, and celebration of God. Christmas
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Advertisements have been the major mode of delivery of Christmastime commercial messages, mainly through television. The corporate sponsor’s products appear in their Christmas advertisements that encourage them to purchase gifts for loved ones, gift giving culture, using the Christmas non-commercial messages. For example, the Grinch story was incorporated into the American Christmas tradition, with its themes coinciding with the ideas of Santa of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.’ It is evident that Christmas has been commercialized where Christmas advertisements appear with either secular or religious symbols but with little reference to original religious significance of the festive event. The advertisements centre their story on giving, togetherness, and sharing; which are Christian values held in the American culture. The Christmas festive is a period of mass consumption and the advertisers capitalize on the American Christmas buying tendencies to even disproportionate part of their yearly business. For example, in 1931 an image of Santa ad and Coca-Cola replaced their other advertisement versions to promote the drink. However, there have been negative comments about the replacement of Jesus with Santa or a reindeer just to make sales, as opposed to having the nice nativity scene. The consumer culture has pushed the advertisers to pushed nativity aside and replaced it with giant inflatable Snowman; which is a major change in the American Christmas
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