Meaning Of The Poem Easter 1916

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Easter 1916 was written by William Butler Yeats, he was born on June 13, 1865, in Dublin. William Butler Yeats was Irish and one of important figures of 20th century. The poem was written in 1916 and an Irish Revolutionary Brotherhood was written by Thomas MacDonagh born on February 1 in Cloughjordan, country Tipperary, he was an Irish and a leader of the Easter rising. In “Easter, 1916,” absorbed so carefully that Ireland’s struggle for independence. The Irish Republican Brotherhood tried to take a number of central rules in Dublin. They tried revolution against Britain during war time because in that stage country was not in stable and they took the chance by going against for the right but the rebels were defeated by British army and executed the leaders. Many people were killed during the uprising and the four leaders mention in the poem ‘Easter 1916’ was executed. The Irish Republican Brotherhood was lesser in number and was secret revolutionary body to establish independent in Irish nation. The poem Easter 1916 by William Butler Yeats and Irish Revolutionary Brotherhood by Thomas MacDonagh show the same theme that is colonization that is done to get independent in the country by colonizing other country for once independent. In ‘Easter 1916” British colonized Ireland and in ‘Irish Revolutionary Brotherhood’ Irish fight against British for right. The Irish Revolutionary Brotherhood was changed its name and known as the Irish Republican Brotherhood the main object was
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